Aviation Systems

Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries in the UK.


The risk of working at height can be reduced by introducing traditional systems such as steel scaffolding or aluminium access towers. However, the areas that need accessing are usually quite difficult to achieve with such standard equipment and could potentially still pose an element of risk.


Aviation access systems are custom made to fit the profile of an aircraft, be it the tail dock, engine cowling or fuselage, typically for aircraft maintenance but also aircraft production. Benefits of such units include:



These bespoke systems are usually designed with integrated stair units to allow access to the work areas. Tool racks, airline points and power outlets can also be included to aid the operators and thus reducing the likelihood of any slips, trips and falls.

Tail Staging Units

Designs are based on Aircraft Size, hangar space and key access areas identified to the Tail of the aircraft.


Staging Units/Tail docks for Smaller aircrafts such as the Beechcraft King Air, Bombardier Learjet and Gulfstream are designed in two mobile halves. These have two working levels allowing operatives to manoeuvre the staging easily from the sides. However, when space is restricted we have also developed a system with adjustable handrails allowing the staging to be manoeuvred from the rear of the aircraft.


Staging Units/Tail Docks for Larger Aircrafts such as the Bombardier Global Express are designed in three mobile sections due to the large 12m x 7.5m tapered footprint. These have three working levels to aid manoeuvrability and steps are integrated into the central unit which is positioned from the rear of the aircraft.


Their features include:

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