Bespoke Access Systems and Platforms

Contract Investor:


Contract Location:

Chester, UK

The Brief

Bespoke access systems were required for a new paint facility in Chester, UK.


The system required a number of elements as access was required to all parts of the aircraft . The system needed to be light so operators could move the units without the use of trucks but strong enough to allow multiple operators and tools. Ease of access was essential. Access to the Work Platforms needed to be quick and safe.


The platforms also needed to be mobile to allow aircraft and people movements without too much disruption to the normal aircraft maintenance operations.


The aircraft was protected from damage by the bespoke access systems by fixing Rubber protection to the outer edges of the work platforms. This ensured there wasn’t any damage to the external surfaces of the aircraft.


The facilities operations included the stripping and repainting of the entire aircraft and other aircraft maintenance tasks The suit of bespoke access systems included, fuselage units, wing section units, engine cowling units and a 2 level tail docking system.

The Product

The bespoke access systems were made from high grade aluminium and welded by our coded welders within our own factory. GRP mesh flooring was used for its good chemical resistance properties and the mesh preferred as spilt fluids would not cause and immediate safety issue. The units were designed to profile the aircraft to allow ease of operation for the operators taking into consideration the need for close detailed works.


Inclines stair were included within the structures to aid safe access for operators with tools. Rubber wheels and earth bonding points included to reduce the affects of any static charge. Tools trays and hose attachment points were also added to help speed up the operators works.


All the units were calculated by an independent engineer and checked for quality prior to delivery.

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