Atrium Access Platform

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Contract Location:

Birmingham, UK

The Brief

The client required an atrium access platform for working at height. The atrium access platform was required to install a sprinkler system and subsequently the suspended ceiling. The area to be covered was a 13m by 13m void above the escalator area on the top floor of the new department store, some 4 floors above ground level. Traditional scaffold solutions had been quoted, but the expected installation time exceeded the programme time. Steel scaffolding installation also had some inherent risks from falls from height. Also the location and ease of access raised concerns regarding materials handling, as the access for materials was restrictive.


The Solution

The Team developed a design using our “AllyBeam” Access system. In order to reduce any risk from falls from height. The unique track system was used to assemble the system from a safe zone on the floor bb. This eliminated any risk from working at height. This was achieved by laying our track system adjacent to the void on 2 sides and extended to the safe zone for assembly of the atrium access platform. A 2.5m by 13m box system was assembled in the safe zone. The system consists of 2.5m beams fitted via steel spigots to form a 13m spine beam. The once assembled the aluminium Beam (“AllyBeam”) was pushed out over the void.

Horizontal and diagonal brace frames were added to the beam to form a rigid box. Composite platforms were added to form the access deck. The process was repeated until the void was covered. Handrail and kick plates and the system was available for use.


Critical success factors

  • Safe risk free installation
  • Speedy installation
  • Improved programme time
  • Light structure
  • One day dismantle
  • Improved manual handling



The process including materials movement was completed within 3 days. The design was extremely beneficial to critical programme path. The system was installed by 2 men in a safe zone eliminating the risk of falls from height. Dismantling the access platform took 1 day allowing other contractors to start works again speeding up programme time.

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